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You Deserve a Professional Drum Track Perfectly Suited to Your Song

And that’s my goal; to give you an ego-free drum part that fits your song and propels it to its highest possibilities. 

I’m Mark Feldman, a studio drummer from NYC.  I’ve been playing drums professionally for over 30 years, so whether you want your drum track live or programmed, I have the skill, experience and maturity to help you, whatever style you play or write.  

You can read some testimonials elsewhere on this website from some of the world’s best drummers (Kenny Aronoff, Simon Phillips and others), but there is possibly one “credential” of mine that stands out most.  

When Modern Drummer magazine hosted a drum solo contest that was judged by Rush’s Neil Peart, I was one of the winning drummers “The Professor” selected.

Whether it’s a demo, your next single or an entire album, you can rely on me to approach it the same way–with the utmost care and love–and to get it done to the highest standards.

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