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Bruce Henderson: “The Wheels Roll”

the wheels roll - bruce henderson

Release Date: May 20, 1997

Bruce Henderson, who I met in the late ’80s in NYC when he was the bassist in a band we were both in called Seven Beauties, went on to form a great rock band, Hearts and Minds (there’s a discography entry for that you can have a look at). Over the years, I was privileged to play with him frequently, including here on his solo debut from 1997. 

With a true all-star cast of session players, the album got terrific reviews. It’s one of the only releases noted here that I only played percussion on (Shawn Pelton played drums), but regardless, I’m grateful to have been involved with this project.

Bruce Henderson “The Wheels Roll” (OMAD/Paradigm)

Produced by Stewart Lerman


Bruce Henderson (vocals, guitar); David Mansfield (pedal steel guitar, violin); G.E. Smith, Andy York (electric guitar); Charlie Giordano (organ); Paul Ossola (electric bass); Shawn Pelton (drums); Mark Feldman (percussion).