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It Factor: “Dog the Bounty Hunter”

Release Date: May 2, 2006

In 2006, It Factor recorded 5 short tracks for inclusion in an episode of “Dog The Bounty Hunter,” the popular TV series on the A&E network.

Click on the “Cloud” Icon, above, to hear one of them, “Vavoom.”

Personnel: Arnie Miot – Guitar, Steve Hervatic – Bass, Mark Feldman – Drums

In line with the vibe of the show, the music is aggressive, hard and guitar heavy. That kind of means “Metal” doesn’t it? Well. There you have it.

“Dog the bounty hunter” (Instrumental music played on the A&E television show).

Recorded at Arnie Miot’s home Studio in Long Island, NY

Joe Taylor: “Darker Garden”

Release Date: 1988

This was the first “real” recording on a real label (ProJazz) with real distribution that I was ever a part of.  I only played on a few tracks, but I remember being thrilled that I was going to be on a record at all.  Joe was really friendly and easy-going, and that made the experience even better.  I remember being at the gym one day a few months later and hearing one of the tracks I played over the radio there.  A huge thrill in my young life.  

Produced by Joe Taylor and Tommy Mandel

Hearts and Minds (self-titled)

Release Date: January 14, 1990

Signed by A&M Records in 1989, Hearts and Minds’ self-titled debut was produced by Mike Wanchic (guitarist for John Mellencamp) at Belmont Mall in Bloomington, Indiana.  Belmont is Mellencamp’s own recording studio, where many of his albums were recorded.
It was at these sessions that I met Kenny Aronoff, which was an important event for me.  He and I both played on the album and that was hugely important for my development as a session player.  Imagine being able to hang out and watch one of the best on the job every day for a few weeks…

Produced by Mike Wanchic


Bruce Henderson – guitar and vocals
Andy York – guitars
Toby Meyers – bass
Mark Feldman and Kenny Aronoff – drums

Bruce Henderson: “The Wheels Roll”

the wheels roll - bruce henderson

Release Date: May 20, 1997

Bruce Henderson, who I met in the late ’80s in NYC when he was the bassist in a band we were both in called Seven Beauties, went on to form a great rock band, Hearts and Minds (there’s a discography entry for that you can have a look at). Over the years, I was privileged to play with him frequently, including here on his solo debut from 1997. 

With a true all-star cast of session players, the album got terrific reviews. It’s one of the only releases noted here that I only played percussion on (Shawn Pelton played drums), but regardless, I’m grateful to have been involved with this project.

Bruce Henderson “The Wheels Roll” (OMAD/Paradigm)

Produced by Stewart Lerman


Bruce Henderson (vocals, guitar); David Mansfield (pedal steel guitar, violin); G.E. Smith, Andy York (electric guitar); Charlie Giordano (organ); Paul Ossola (electric bass); Shawn Pelton (drums); Mark Feldman (percussion).

Various Artists: “Shawn Lane Remembered Vol. 2”

Release Date: 2004

This was the first recording that was released from my time playing drums with the Rob Sbar Noesis.  “Transfiguring Perceptions,” an original composition by Rob Sbar, was included on this release from Lion music, a progressive rock label from Italy.  Sbar, a speed shred monster guitarist of staggering technical ability, has been causing jaws to drop since he first appeared on the NYC scene in the early 2000’s.

Produced by Rob Sbar


Rob Sbar – guitar
Nelson Montana – bass
Mark Feldman – drums

Various Artists: “Guitars Dancing in the Light: A Tribute to Santana”

Release Date: 2010

The last of the three compilations I participated in with The Rob Sbar Noesis. This release–a tribute to Santana–was really fun for me because I selected the song we recorded, which was “Open Invitation,” one of my favorite Santana tracks.

Produced by Rob Sbar


Rob Sbar – guitar
Nelson Montana – bass
Mark Feldman – drums

Various Artists: “Higher and Higher: A Tribute to the Moody Blues”

Release Date: 2006

The Rob Sbar Noesis was asked to participate in several compilation albums created by the Italian progressive label Lion Music. On this album, a tribute to The Moody Blues, we contributed the track “I Know You’re Out There Somewhere.”

Produced by Rob Sbar


Rob Sbar – guitar
Nelson Montana – bass
Mark Feldman – drums

The Whispering Tree EP

Release Date: July 10, 2007

The nucleus of The Whispering Tree is Eleanor Kleiner and Elie Brangbour, who began the group when they met in London at music school. Both are very talented musicians. Eleanor has an exceptional voice. I can recall thinking about how amazing her singing was whenever we got together to play.


Eleanor Kleiner – vocals, keyboards
Elie Brangbour – bass, vocals
Clifton Hyde – guitar
Mark Feldman – drums

Mancie: “Say Say EP”

Release Date: March 01, 2011

This was the first MANCIE recording I played on. We went to Ben Rice’s studio, in the basement of his parents house in Ditmas Park. He had been making a lot of records there.

Andrea’s sister, Sharon Fischman, played drums on the title track, “Say Say,” but I played on everything else, including the track in the Soundcloud player above, “Lonely Road.” One of MANCIE’s heaviest songs, “Lonely Road” is one of my favorites. Hard rock ’70s style.

Produced by MANCIE

Recorded at Newkirk Studios, Brooklyn

Engineered by Ben Rice


Andrea Montgomery: guitar and vocals, Jake Adams: bass, Mark Feldman: drums

Mancie: “Only the Wanted”

Release Date: June 01, 2012

This is the second album I played on with MANCIE and the first album I played on that was produced by Felix McTeigue.

The title track, “Only the Wanted,” is reminiscent of Blondie’s disco era recordings.  The hi-hat ideas are directly inspired by Clem Burke – one of my favorite rock drummers.

After hearing this album, VICE Magazine named MANCIE one of “Brooklyn’s Best Unknown Bands”.

(Really Dope Records) 2012

Recorded at VEL Studios, Brooklyn, NY

Produced by Felix McTeigue