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Eric Frisch: “One Way to Find Out”

Release Date: May 21, 2013

Another session with producer Felix McTeigue, I didn’t know what we were tracking or who the artist was untill I got to VEL and met Eric Frisch, who is a really talented guy. His music is pop…his songs reminded me a bit of early Paul Simon with a little Brian Wilson thrown in. The production is rich….there are horns and keyboards and guitars and lots of background vocals.

By the way, the liner notes on the album are incorrect. I don’t know who Mark Friedman is, but I played on track #5, “Get Low,” although he is credited. I’m also on track #6, “One Way To Find Out.” Attis Clopton is a fine drummer, but I played on that track, although he is credited on the packaging.

Recorded at VEL Studios, Brooklyn, NY

Produced by Felix McTeigue

Electric Black Horse: “Cheap Party Favors”

Release Date: November 22, 2013

Electric Black Horse is an over-the-top, in-your-face, glam metal band very reminiscent of KISS and Queen. My first show with them was in March of 2012 at The Mercury Lounge, and all my friends reacted strongly. Not unlike KISS, you either love them or hate them. I think they’re great. I’ve always loved KISS, and I took a lot of heat for that as a kid. So, it was great fun to get to play with these guys. They put it all out there and the spirit of rock and roll is in full force all the time.

I don’t recall the exact time of the recording session….probably the spring of 2013. I played on three tracks: Cheap Party Favors, Birthday Bitch & Koke Rock

Recorded at VEL Studios, Brooklyn NY

Produced by Felix McTeigue


Michael Pate: Guitars and Vocals, Merx: Lead Guitar, JT: Bass, Mark Feldman: Drums (3 tracks), Shane Considine: Drums (4 tracks) 


Modern Drummer Magazine’s “Neil Peart Drum Solo Contest”

Release Date: February 01, 1988

Neil Peart, behind "Chromey," the drum set he gave me.
Neil Peart, behind "Chromey," the drum set he gave me.

In 1987, I entered Modern Drummer Magazine’s very first drum solo contest, which was judged by RUSH’s Neil Peart. 

A few months later, I got a letter in the mail…..from Neil Peart. I was one of the winners, he said. He liked my solo. He was sending a truck to my apartment with “Chromey,” the famed Slingerland drum kit that he used on the first RUSH albums he played on.

The solo was published in Modern Drummer Magazine on a flexi disc in the February 1988 issue.

Recorded at SRS Studios, Summer(?) 1987

David D’Alessio: “Some Girls”

Released in 2014

In August of 2013, I was asked to play on a session by Felx McTeigue. The artist was David D’Alessio. There was something magical about this session. I played on four tracks, three of which made the album.

I played on the following tracks:

Move Mountains (track #1)
Believe (track #4)
Sudden Love (track #8)

Recorded at VEL Studios in Brooklyn, NY

Produced by Felix McTeigue

Judy Cehmm: “The Quest”

Release Date: September 11, 2015

Recorded in July 2015, this was a fun session with a talented French artist The tracks had a lot of sequenced drums and electronic music already sitting in the pocket, so all I had to do was put down some very simple grooves. Her music reminds me of Madonna…a grand mixture of pop, electronica, disco, and theater. Fun stuff.

Recorded at Let ‘Em In Studios in Brooklyn, NY

Produced by Felix McTeigue

Engineered by Drew Guido

Mancie: “Moon and Stars EP”

Released in 2018

This 5 song EP revealed a band that was darker, edgier and heavier than on previous releases.  Recorded with reknowned underground engineer Jeff Cook, the sound quality is gritty yet pristine. 

Produced by Andrea Montgomery and Jeff Cook

All Songs Written by Andrea Montgomery


Andrea Montgomery – guitars, bass and vocals
Mark Feldman – drums
Christian Botta – guitars

Mark Feldman’s LEVEL5: “The Sybil EP”

Release Date: February 22, 2019

This 3 song debut EP from Mark Feldman’s LEVEL5 is an instrumental funk and prog delight. With great reviews upon release, “The Sybil EP” drew comparisons to Galactic, The JB’s, Medeski, Martin and Wood and The Meters. An auspicious debut.

Produced by Mark Feldman

All Songs Written by Oz Noy


Oz Noy – guitar, Will Lee – bass, Adam Klipple – keys, Mark Feldman – drums