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Eric Frisch: “One Way to Find Out”

Release Date: May 21, 2013

Another session with producer Felix McTeigue, I didn’t know what we were tracking or who the artist was untill I got to VEL and met Eric Frisch, who is a really talented guy. His music is pop…his songs reminded me a bit of early Paul Simon with a little Brian Wilson thrown in. The production is rich….there are horns and keyboards and guitars and lots of background vocals.

By the way, the liner notes on the album are incorrect. I don’t know who Mark Friedman is, but I played on track #5, “Get Low,” although he is credited. I’m also on track #6, “One Way To Find Out.” Attis Clopton is a fine drummer, but I played on that track, although he is credited on the packaging.

Recorded at VEL Studios, Brooklyn, NY

Produced by Felix McTeigue