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Hearts and Minds (self-titled)

Release Date: January 14, 1990

Signed by A&M Records in 1989, Hearts and Minds’ self-titled debut was produced by Mike Wanchic (guitarist for John Mellencamp) at Belmont Mall in Bloomington, Indiana.  Belmont is Mellencamp’s own recording studio, where many of his albums were recorded.
It was at these sessions that I met Kenny Aronoff, which was an important event for me.  He and I both played on the album and that was hugely important for my development as a session player.  Imagine being able to hang out and watch one of the best on the job every day for a few weeks…

Produced by Mike Wanchic


Bruce Henderson – guitar and vocals
Andy York – guitars
Toby Meyers – bass
Mark Feldman and Kenny Aronoff – drums