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Mark Feldman’s LEVEL5 “Sybil”

“Sybil” by my band, Mark Feldman’s LEVEL5.  In this video: Oz Noy (guitar), Will Lee (bass), Adam Klipple (keys) and Mark Feldman (drums).  

Soundgarden “Black Rain"

When I heard that Matt Cameron was not going to tour with Soundgarden in 2014, I rushed to make an audition video for them.  I picked the tune “Black Rain” because it’s somewhat challenging (the main riff is in 9/8), and a bit obscure; not the obvious choice.  Soundgarden’s manager contacted me and we were in touch about the possibility, but ultimately, I didn’t get the chance to audition in person.  I think I was too far away (I was in New York and the band was in Seattle).  Matt Chamberlain, a friend of the band’s, got the job.  I’m still proud that I was considered at all.  If you’re going to lose a gig, you can’t get too upset about losing it to Matt Chamberlain.