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SoundBetter Review: can studio drummers get work there?

SoundBetter is a marketplace where professional musicians can offer their services to the world. There have been many different social media platforms that focus on music–Reverbnation and Soundcloud both come to mind–but SoundBetter is different because it focuses on commerce.

It’s a place where a novice music creator can find professionals to help them mix, produce, play or sing on their tracks and otherwise collaborate with. For a fee.

And SoundBetter takes a cut, which is understandable.

If you go to the site and browse a bit, you’ll see that there are musicians with significant credits on their resumes. And that is a big part of SoundBetter’s marketing; you’ll see they promote the fact that the sidemen of famous artists can be found on the platform.  And their marketing is backed up by facts. You will find people who have played with all sorts of top talent from many different genres.

From what I have read, if you are a consumer, you can definitely find what you want as you craft your music.

But what if you’re a session musician and you hope to find more work? Can you get traction here?

Remember, that the SoundBetter platform has been around since 2012, so it’s not exactly new. What is the ecosystem like there?

I made a video about SoundBetter and in it I discuss what I think are the possibilities for getting session work on the platform and elsewhere. I’ll delve into the details and give you my assessment of what your chances are for success if you’re thinking of jumping into the mix (no pun intended). Watch it below and start planning your marketing attack in search of more sessions!

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