Online Session Drummer | Mark Feldman


The Soundcloud player on this page has only 7 tracks.   The idea is to give you a sense of how I play a wide range of styles.

  • I tracked the drums for the first two tunes, “If You Want to Get to Heaven” and “Green River,” here at my studio.  Pretty straight-up blues/rock.

The others were for various sessions and tracked at other studios.  Here is some more info:

  • “Swagger,” is a tune from my band, Mark Feldman’s LEVEL5. The track features Oz Noy on guitar, Will Lee on bass, and of course, me on drums.  Call it funk/fusion.  I produced.

  • “Moon and Stars” is from MANCIE, the hard rock band that I play in with my wife, Andrea (it’s her band).

  • “Believe” is from a session I did for the late Felix McTeigue.  Great groovin pop track.

  • “Cheap Party Favors” is a track from the glam rock band Electric Black Horse.

  • Finally, “The One Step” is a straight-ahead jazz tune (written by Chick Corea) played by my jazz trio, The MF3.