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You’ll notice the price per drum track decreases as you move from the “Single” to the “Album.”  That’s my way of giving you a “bulk” pricing discount.  Try the “Single” if you want 1 to 3 tracks; the “EP” if you’re interested in 4 to 9 tracks (you’ll save 10% on each track); or try the “Album” if you need 10 or more drum tracks (you’ll save 15% per track that way!)

Also, remember that if this is your first drum track with me you’ll get $100 off of your purchase.  The discount will automatically be applied at checkout.  Plus you have a Money-Back Guarantee that you’ll be happy with what you get from me.  

Go ahead and click a “Buy Now” button! 

$349.00 per track

for 1-3 Tracks – no discount (except $100 off for new clients)

$314.00 per track

for 4-9 Tracks – save $35 per track (which is 10% off!)

$296.00 per track

for 10+ Tracks – save $53 per track (which is 15% off!)