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The Studio

The Studio

For Remote Drum Recording

The main recording kit is a gorgeous set of Yamaha Stage Custom Birch drums.  Many experienced recording drummers will tell you that the Yamaha Stage Custom Birch and famed Recording Custom–both made with birch shells–sound very similar indeed.  It’s a great sounding drum kit, always properly tuned for the session at hand. 

The main snare for my remote drum recording is a Ludwig Black Beauty, one of the most coveted snare drums for recording work.

Powered by Pro Tools running on a Macbook Pro, the audio signal hits the DAW through a twin set of Focusrite interfaces.  The Clarett 8pre Thunderbolt and the Scarlett Octopre combine to give the capability to record with 16 inputs, more than enough for most any situation.  Each input has its own super-quiet and clean Focusrite pre-amp. 

The microphones in the studio are professional grade, with the standard Shure SM-57s on the snare, Beta 52a on the bass drum, Earthworks DM-20s on the Toms, Shure SM-81s on both sets of hi-hats, and SE Electronics sE7s as overheads.

The room has been properly treated with Auralex sound absorption and bass traps to ensure a great recording environment and room sound from the dedicated space.

In short, you’ll get pro results for your remote drum recording from the gear used here.