Online Session Drummer | Mark Feldman


I can highly recommend Mark Feldman as a musically versatile and experienced drummer. He plays with taste, emotion, a solid pocket and what I call the all important “song sense.” He is also a great hang and equally at home on tour or in the studio.

Simon Phillips

Drummer (Jeff Beck, Mick Jagger, The Who, Toto, Hiromi)

Technically and rhythmically quite sophisticated




Neil Peart

Drummer, Rush

Mark is and always has been a student of drumming and music. He has taken music seriously his entire life. His dedication and love for the art of drumming have made him an amazing drummer.


Kenny Aronoff

Drummer (John Mellencamp, Elton John, Bob Seger, Smashing Pumpkins)

Mark is a serious player with years of experience playing in all kinds of bands in all kinds of venues. He’s also a very organized man with vast experience in the music business.



John Riley

Drummer, (John Scofield, Joe Lovano), Educator (The Art of Bop Drumming)

When I want a drummer for a recording session, Mark is my first call. He learns songs fast, can play pretty much any style, and has a seriously fat groove. He doesn’t overplay, but if you want him to go off, he can do that too. And if that isn’t enough, he and the click track are best buddies. The only time I don’t use him is when I can’t afford him.

Felix McTeigue

Producer & Grammy-nominated Songwriter (Florida Georgia Line, Lori McKenna)

As an engineer I’ve worked with Mark on many occasions. Every session in every genre was a breeze. He’s a great musician and a great hang. The best part about working with Mark is that I always find the mix is easier. He’s always in the pocket and I can focus on the sound of his drums rather than spending time editing.

Drew Guido

Engineer and Producer (Ingrid Michaelson, John Legend)

I’ve hired Mark on more than several occasions for recorded drum tracks. Without exception, Mark has provided world-class drumming for a variety of music situations I hired him for. He’s responsive, flexible, extremely talented, reliable and also happens to be one of the nicest people you’d ever want to work with. Mark has and will continue to be one of my “go to” session drummers. He has my highest recommendation as a session drummer.

Keith Foley


Look, let’s just cut to the chase. Mark is just a monster player, incredible feel and touch, spot-on timing, and immaculate, precise playing. Without a doubt, he’s a world-class player and he makes my music come alive. He’s like Frankenstein breathing life into dead tracks. Aside from his skills at the set, he’s great at communicating and before he even put stick to drum, we spoke about the direction and my specific goals and needs.  

Neil Jacobson

Guitarist, Singer and Songwriter

I’ve worked with Mark both in the studio and live settings. Our sessions went super fast because he’s that good–he nailed the vibe and groove right away.  He’s always open to feed back and stays focused during rehearsals.  He is also enthusiastic, positive and brings great energy to the people he works with. He takes great pride in what he does and is eager to exceed your expectations. Highly Recommend.


David D'Alessio

Recording Artist