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Why I Make Drum Charts

Lately, in the studio, I’ve been doing much more detailed charts.

They serve me well.

It takes a little longer to make my charts this way. And, as a studio drummer working out of one’s own room, that’s OK.

But, when you’re in a studio with a bunch of people on the clock, with the room costing a certain amount per day or hour, and each musician and the engineer all getting paid, there’s a different dynamic.

In the latter case, what I usually do is hand write something as quickly as I can in order to be able to read the form.

But, in my own room, I can be a little more thoughtful. “On the clock,” you’ve got to go more on gut. You’ve got to really keep it moving.

I also, had a thought about making charts that I thought was interesting. I share it in the video below.

2 thoughts on “Why I Make Drum Charts”

  1. Good video and tip. Can you add some comments on how you make the charts quickly? Do you have your own shorthand, have a favorite app for notation, do it by hand etc?

    1. Hi Tom – sorry for taking so long to reply… I didn’t see your comment until today. Anyway, yes… here is some info. I use Finale if I want something pretty. The problem with making charts that way is that it takes too long. So I developed a short hand that works for me that I can use with the “old school” method of pencil and paper. that works great. You kind of have to come up with your own method.. but I do have a video on made about this.. Let me go find it and I’ll email you the link… Hope you’re well.
      Mark F

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